Bilyana Wharton Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip CP - Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practice
Counselling or psychotherapy have the same meaning and cover a range of talking therapies. The aim of counselling is to help you bring about effective change in your life, enhance your wellbeing and help you move on.
The Assessment Consultation
This first appointment is one of the most important appointments. During this appointment you can make your mind up if you would like to commence therapy and if I am worthy of being your therapist. We identify the issues that create tension in your life and outline the course of treatment.
The Sessions
During the sessions we talk about and look at what has brought you to therapy. This can be life events and experiences (past or present), feelings and emotions, relationships (past or present), ways of thinking and patterns of behaviours. Some of the common aims in therapy are:
  • Making sense of your experiences in life. Understanding what happened or is happening and talking about your feelings, thoughts and emotions related to those experiences.
  • Identifying patterns of thinking and behaviour that are no longer working for you and constructing new, healthier ones that are right for you.
  • Looking at the dynamics of your relationships - present and past.
  • Finding and constructing healthy and effective coping strategies.
  • Investigating your beliefs, attitudes, thought process and behaviours and gaining awareness of how you function as a unique human being.
  • Identifying what you would like to change or achieve and finding the 'how' that works for you.
  • Finding solutions to particular problem or issue.
Duration of therapy
Therapy can be short term (up to 12 sessions) or long term depending on the issue and on what you would like to change and achieve. Every person is different and the treatment duration is set individually during the Assessment Consultation.
The T.I.M.E. Model
As a psychotherapist I have been trained in the T.I.M.E. model that is integrative and combines different approaches and techniques from various psychological theories, models and philosophies. T.I.M.E. stands for: Temporal, Integrative, Multi-Modal and Emphatic.
By using combination of hypnotherapy strategies and counselling models and techniques when designing the individual treatment I aim to assist the client by creating the most suitable programme to suit their character and unique experiences.
As your counsellor I am highly committed in providing you with high quality service, identifying the right course of action for you, finding solutions to your problems or constructing healthier coping strategies.
What can I help you with:
  • Psychological, Sexual, Physical Abuse
  • Depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Personal, family and relationship issues
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Behavioural addictions
  • Past trauma
  • Difficulty to move on
The sessions are held in Office 18 at the Central Chambers, 77-78 Westborough Scarborough YO11 1TP, just opposite Scarborough Train Station within 2  minutes walking distance.
To book your Assessment Consultation please call 07971799598.