Bilyana Wharton Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip CP - Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practice
What is Depression?
Depression or major depressive disorder is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. Depression affects how the person feels, behaves and thinks.
The symptoms manifestation is complex and can be emotional, behavioural and/or physical. When the symptoms persist on daily basis for over two weeks and they interfere with your life there is a possibility of depression offset.
Depression affects each person in a different way. Very often it can be accompanied with symptoms of anxiety. Sometimes it can be a secondary condition that derives from past trauma, childhood abuse, relationship issues, and negative life experience or because of having to cope with terminal physical illness.
Some of the most common symptoms are listed bellow:
  •  feel unhappy most of the time
  •   lose interest in life and can't enjoy anything
  • find it harder to make decisions
  • can't cope with things that you used to
  • feel utterly tired
  • feel restless and agitated
  • lose appetite and weight
  • gain weight
  • take 1-2 hours to get off to sleep, and then wake up earlier than usual
  • lose interest in sex
  • lose your self-confidence
  • neglect oneself physical needs
  • feel useless, inadequate and hopeless
  • avoid other people
  • feel irritable
  • feel worse at a particular time each day, usually in the morning
  • suicidal thoughts.
Managing Depression
A significant proportion of my clients come into my office after they have been diagnosed with depression by their GP and put on anti-depressants.
 Pharmacological treatment (medication) combined with psychotherapy is the most successful way of managing and treating Depression.
What I can do for you
The medication takes care of the chemical imbalances and the biological side of the treatment.
What happens in my Practice is the psychological part of the therapy that allows you to work through the difficulties you experience.
I can help you to:
  • Understand the behaviours, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that contribute to your Depression.
  • Understand and identify the life problems, experiences and events that contribute to your Depression - such as relationship problems, divorce, death in the family, loss of job, etc - and which one you can change, solve or improve.
  • Restructure and reorganise your Self-image (how you think about yourself and how you see yourself as a person) and improve your Internal dialogue (how you regard yourself ).
  • Learn coping strategies and acquire problem-solving skills, confidence and belief in yourself.
  • Regain sense of control and pleasure in life.
It may feel as you never going to feel better again but the reality (and researches) show that Depression is manageable and definitely treatable.
Depression is only one aspect of you that, in this present moment, seems to have taken control over your life. And it is only in your power to make this first step to recovery, because feeling good and feeling happy again IS POSSIBLE.
The following words are my prove to you:
"I was at a very low point in my life when my friend suggested hypnotherapy and counselling. I am so pleased I listened to her and after 5 sessions I am much happier and optimistic about my life and not just about my weight but other aspects of my life. And even though there are sad times in my life I feel as if I can cope and can laugh and look forward to the future.Bilyana - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."L.H.
 "Bilyana Wharton was my therapist for 13 sessions. I know I needed help but taking that first step was the hardest. No white coat - just a calm, confident woman who was sensitive to my dilemma. She took me from a very dark place and enabled me to become the happy, in control person I am today. If you are prepared to put yourself in her hands and work with her I am sure she could also do this for you."D.R.
The sessions are held in Office 18 at the Central Chambers, 77-78 Westborough Scarborough YO11 1TP, just opposite Scarborough Train Station within 2 minutes walking distance.

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