Bilyana Wharton Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip CP - Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practice

What my clients said about the services I offer:   
"I have been a bit of a yo-yo dieter and my weight had gradually crept up and up. Despite attempt after attempt to lose weight, I just kept getting heavier. Bilyana has helped me in so many ways. She helped me identify the causes of my problem, not just to tell me that I needed to eat less, but helped me realise why I ate so much. Each and every session left me more positive and with really useful tools to help me on my way.
I am incredibly pleased with the progress I have made. Huge thanks!"
Name supplied

"I found my overall experience excellent and can only say therapy has helped me to create a foundation to deal with my life from now + going forward. Thank you." Name supplied
"It is all up to me now. I have it in my hands. Thank you."
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"Bilyana made me feel completely at ease and was able to quickly identify the route of my problem. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her services to others. A highly competent practitioner! Thank you." Name supplied
"I had an alcohol dependency for many years, which was gradually getting worse. The NHS could only offer a 'detox' program which entailed being put on heavy tranquilizers for a week in hospital - and this offer a six months waiting list.The hypnotherapy and counselling I received worked very, very well for me and has given me the tools to reduce my alcohol consumption to a safe and non dependent level.I am feeling much more relaxed and positive about life and would recommend this counselling 100%." Name supplied
"Prier to receiving treatment I was struggling with anxiety and inability to recover from a traumatic experience. Thanks to the excellent treatment from Bilyana that was tailored made to my needs I am new, stronger and happier than ever. I now have the tools to cope and be happy with any situation that arises. i highly recommend Bilyana. She makes you feel very supported and listened to. And is brilliant at tailoring the treatment to your needs; suggesting a variety of methods to help with recovery. The CD worked amazingly and helped speed up the recovery. I am very greatful to Bilyana. I will recommend he to anyone who needs psychological support. Thank you. Name supplied
" I knew I had a problem, but just didn't know what to do about it. I found Bilyana's number and decided to give her a try. I am so glad I did. She is such a lovely lady, with a lovely calming voice that I felt instantly at ease. I was worried that my problem will never be fixed, but she has helped me enormously and I now feel more able to cope with everyday life situations and able to deal with my problem.Thank you so much Bilyana." Name supplied  
"I think you are a brilliant therapist and you have helped me tremendously. I can't thank you enough. I think your service is excellent and you have always been very understanding with me; I do not feel the service needs to change in anyway!" Name supplied
 "I have to say I was very sceptical to hypnotherapy and afraid of what happens and if it could work but after my first session I felt very good. After my fifth session I felt fabulous, a new me full of energy. I love to exercise! I now eat vegetables, I am not secret eating and would highly recommend Bilyana to help sort your situations that you feel you are stuck in life with. I now use the techniques to be able to get to sleep too and when I feel a bit stressed." Name supplied
"This therapy has proved invaluable for me. Starting with the significant emotional experiences was a good platform for the subsequent time-line that I wrote. I have been amazed at the complex issues that I had, that have not been resolved. I have learnt an awful lot about myself and also gained peace of mind, which I never thought was possible. This approach may not suit everybody but it has worked for me. From now on my life will be a lot better I can only say a big thank you." Name supplied
 My life has improved such a lot in the last 6 months with the counselling. I feel stronger and much more confident." Name supplied
"Bilyana has a real gift. Her presence demeanor and her special voice give real comfort and reassurance to anyone with a problem (or otherwise). She is very sensitive and empathetic and professional. She treats her work very seriously and listens carefully so the feedback she gives is nourishing and useful. Her English is excellent. My problem is huge to me, so to have someone like Bilyana to talk to was uplifting and comforting." Name supplied
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