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Weight loss

There is no better time to lose weight than now!
And, as you already know: Diets do not work!

The programs I work with are not a diet but a permanent, optimistic and positive life-style change. They are based on the last scientific research about healthy eating and effective exercise. Combined with the latest powerful mind management techniques, these programs can give you the power to change your life.

All you need to do is:
  • Have a real desire to lose weight
  • Regard your treatment as a priority
  • Commit to the treatment 100%
  • Follow the instruction and rules of the treatment
  • Listen to the support CDs
  • Take responsibility and make the program YOUR Weight Loss Program

What you will achieve:
  • Slimmer, fitter, leaner body shape
  • High self-esteem and confidence
  • Feeling great about yourself
  • Looking youthful
  • Regard exercise as a pleasurable activity
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Enhance your gene performance
  • Create positive and healthy relationship with food
  • Become the person you always wanted to be

"I have been a bit of a yo-yo dieter and my weight had gradually crept up and up. Despite attempt after attempt to lose weight, I just kept getting heavier. Bilyana has helped me in so many ways. She helped me identify the causes of my problem, not just to tell me that I needed to eat less, but helped me realise why I ate so much. Each and every session left me more positive and with really useful tools to help me on my way.
I am incredibly pleased with the progress I have made. Huge thanks!"

"I have to say I was very sceptical to hypnotherapy and afraid of what happens and if it could work but after my first session I felt very good. After my fifth session I felt fabulous, a new me full of energy. I love to exercise! I now eat vegetables, I am not secret eating and would highly recommend Bilyana to help sort your situations that you feel you are stuck in life with. I now use the techniques to be able to get to sleep too and when I feel a bit stressed."J.P.C.
The Unique Weight loss Plan
This plan is unique simply because it is going to be designed to suit your unique individuality and circumstances.
The treatment consists of 6 to 8 sessions with two treatment support CD that are bespoke design and customised to suite YOU, your needs and your expectations of treatment.
Your first step of your treatment plan designed having in mind You as a unique person is the Assessment consultation. During this first appointment assessment is done in depth to investigate your eating habits, emotional triggers and level of physical activity. During this consultation we discuss your expectations of treatment and design your unique treatment plan.
Our work together includes finding the best way to achieve what you want to achieve regarding your own shape and size. The goals are realistic and logical.
Letting go of your fears and emotional breaks is also part of the treatment. Most of my clients reported that this stage felt liberating and empowering.
Through this treatment you can address your diet and food choices you make. If necessary you can change your diet completely and begin to make healthier and more natural choices.
From the first appointment You begin achieving, effortlessly and naturally, what you have set for yourself to achieve.

Hypno-Primal Weight loss Program
What kind of food you eat affects your health, vitality, energy levels and mood. If you eat cakes and pasties, hate exercising and feel helpless to change this, The Hypno-Primal Program is for you.
By using the power of your subconscious mind you set yourself on a journey to change the way you think about and use food. It is mostly suitable for clients that tend to have non-balanced diet, lack of healthy eating habits and sedentary life-style.
The Hypno-Primal Weight loss program is inspired by recent notion among the experts in the field of healthy eating. This theory looks back into our ancestors eating habitsand how these habits can enhance our body performance and keep us fit and strong.
You will be required to keep a food diary prior treatment. During the Assessment Consultation we discuss and design your individual goals and targets.
The Hypnotherapy part of this treatment is very pleasant and innovative as it restructure your eating habits and re-instate the healthy, natural foods to be your preferred choice.
The treatment allow you to let go of old fashioned beliefs about food and eating and resolves the behavioural, cultural and psychological triggers.
The program is designed to suit your individual needs and it can be on average 5 - 6 sessions and 2 custom designed treatment support CD.
I have designed the frame of the Hypno-Primal Weight loss program through extensive research, endless passion and great determination.
Virtual Gastric Band Treatment
This hypnotherapy weight loss program is created around the concept of a ‘virtual gastric band’ and in the last few years has gained great popularity due to the positive results reported by clients. It is also the first hypnotherapy program to be clinically tested with success rate from 80% to 90%. The reported weight loss within the first week of treatment is on average 2lb to 7lb.
The program targets the amount of food the client consumes and the psychological triggers behind the overeating behaviour.

I have achieved very positive results using the programs in alliance with each client’s personal needs and character make up.
Meeting your expectations is my first priority and my Testimonials page will give the confirmation of the great results my clients have achieved and keep achieving.
The sessions are held in Office 18 at the Central Chambers, 77-78 Westborough Scarborough YO11 1TP, just opposite Scarborough Train Station within 3 minutes walking distance.
To book your Assessment Consultation please call 07971799598.